Silkie Blended


Silkie Blended Irish Whiskey @ 40%/Alc


Childhood holidays in Donegal nurtured a love for the folk tales of the Sliabh Liag peninsula and more importantly a dream for the future possibilities of bringing legitimate distilling to the Donegal Gaeltacht.

The Silkie is the first step in our ambitious journey. While we build our whiskey distillery, we have sourced a blend of malt and grain whiskeys that when blended together deliver a signature soft mouth feel and a silken, easy character.

The exceptionally smooth liquid with its rich sweet taste and gentle finish is as funeral as the Silkies - legendary shape shifting seals - found along the Donegal coast who became irresistibly beautiful women when they came ashore to dance on the Silver Strand ..

Color - Straw gold with hints of amber.

Nose - Fresh and malty, brisk like green apples, opens to be more honeyed with a gentle butteryness.

Taste - Super soft, honey to the fore, bright, hints of orange zest, digestive biscuits, brioche, butterscotch and stem ginger.

Finish - Warming, elegant and gently melts away ..


Data sheet

70 cl
Alcohol %
40 %
Country of origin
Cask strength

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